In 1960 Graziano Zazzeri begins his adventure in wood field in Aprilia, (Latina) by a sawmill specialized in African and Asian woods. He starts here his knowledge and experience in woods. He works 7 years in this place, gain knowledge and skill about logs and rough lumbers Africa and Asia origin.
This circumstance  end up on deceasing the owner of the sawmill and the consequent failure of the Company in 1967. At thas point Graziano decided to become sales Agent of African producers to the Italian market. On this purpose in 1968 he took a plain to Abidjan (Ivory Coast) where he got in touch with French and Italian Companies of producers, which grant him the possibility to sell their products. Start in these years the activity of Zazzeri Legnami s.r.l. Company which began selling in Italy, wood commodities of various Italian and French producers.
The business area meanwhile increased in West Africa, with the Countries of Cameroun, Zaire and Gabon. The knowledge of logs and lumbers, made on place of production, improved further more and becomes specific of each wood specie as Sapelli, Sipo, Afrormosia, Samba, Ayous, Bete etc.
Years later the wood business changed, sawmills in Italy and Europe reduced their activity, most of them cease the activity, consequently the product proposed has modify. Zazzeri Legnami s.r.l. Company was already experienced flooring manufacture in Ivory Coast and Cameroun, so Graziano and his son Marco, who meanwhile joined the Company, drove an agreement of cooperation with Castro y Filhos a Portuguese Flooring manufacture Company, leader in Europe. Both, father and son works to distribute flooring products all over Italian territory. Going on years, the selling increased and redoubles. The offer of flooring has a range as:

Traditional, Solid Lacquered,
Deck for exteriors and Industrial Flooring.
• Doussie
• Iroko
• Bubinga
• Zabrano
• Wenge
• Teak
• Afrormosia
• Padouk
• Jatoba
• Sucupira
• Tauari
• Tamarindo
• Rovere
• Acero
• Faggio